James Skinner

Park Ranger in Flinders & Outback, South Australia

When did you first become a ranger?

2019, in Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park in outback South Australia – a co-managed park with  Adnyamathanha traditional owners, rich in cultural, spiritual and geological significance.

What is your background (education / work experience / community)

Possess a Bachelor degree in environmental science, work history as a landscaper, nursery hand, bush care officer and project fire fighter.

What are your main duties?

Maintaining and upgrading park infrastructure including campgrounds, amenities and walking trails, assisting in conservation projects such as surveys and monitoring of native species, and responding to emergency situations such as lost or injured hikers and bushfire suppression.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Working with and learning from Traditional Owners. Also, being involved in reintroductions and monitoring of locally threatened species such as Western Quolls and Brushtail Possums.

What is the most craziest, most dangerous or funniest thing that has happened to you at work?

Dropping fish baits from a small fix wing plane in turbulent weather did not end well. I was covered in fish guts and oil and was very ill.

What is your most memorable moment?

Building lifetime friendships within the industry, local community, staff and volunteers, all who share similar passion.

Why is the job important to you?

Creating positive experiences for visitors by engaging and educating about the the natural environment. In this way, the community can become more invested in conserving our protected areas.