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World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day is celebrated worldwide on July 31st to commemorate Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty and to celebrate the work Rangers do to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on the courage and sacrifice that Rangers make: by honouring Fallen Rangers and standing with Rangers who bravely undertake their role on the frontline. World Ranger Day is an International Ranger Federation initiative promoted together with its official charity arm, The Thin Green Foundation.

Want to help promote World Ranger Day?

Perhaps you’ve organised a local event for the day, or you want to print a sign for your social media photos: ‘I/We Stand With The World’s Rangers’.

We have a wide range of promotional items you can download to help push World Ranger Day along in your area and through your networks. You can download all items as an e-pack, or browse below and grab the ones you need.

You can register your WRD event at The Thin Green Line Foundation.

President’s Letter


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I/We Stand With Rangers’ signs

Add your name/organisation and other details to these options, then be sure to take photos on July 31 and upload to social media!

Honour Roll

More information is available on The Thin Green Line Foundations’ WRD page.