The IRF actively promotes and supports the formation of Ranger Associations around the world to ensure rangers are more adequately represented. Provisional members are actively supported and encouraged to become Full members.

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) was founded on 31 July 1992 in the Peak District National Park in the UK. An agreement was signed between the Countryside Management Association (CMA), representing Rangers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association (SCRA) and the U.S. Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR).

The goals of the agreement were to provide:

  • a global forum for rangers from around the world to share their successes and best practice in protecting the world’s natural heritage 
  • to promote the exchange of information and technology from countries where Protected Area management enjoys broad public and government support, to countries in which it is less supported.

Become A Member

By joining the IRF,  your association will become part of the world family of rangers; a worldwide network of front-line conservation staff for sharing knowledge, ideas, experiences and resources, for providing mutual support and for representing the voice of the ranger in conservation for a and debates.

What are the benefits of being an IRF member?

Becoming a member allows associations, organisations and rangers to utilise the international ranger and conservation network of the IRF. The benefits of being an IRF member are as follows:

For Associations/organisations:                                              

  • Gives you access to other member associations and organisations around the world
  • Enables you to connect with IRF partner organisations such as The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF),  the Universal Ranger Support Alliance (URSA) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – World Commission on Protected Areas (IUCN-WCPA)
  • Provides opportunities to exchange skills and knowledge through networking regionally, internationally and through twinning with other Associations
  • Allows you to nominate colleagues for the IRF/TTGLF Awards
  • Gives your members the opportunity to;
    • attend the triennial IRF World Ranger Congress
    • attend regional Congresses, Forums, meetings or training sessions
    • be part of the annual World Ranger Day celebrations

For individual rangers:

  • Boosts morale being part of a worldwide family of rangers
  • Gives access to a worldwide network of ranger colleagues
  • Provides opportunities for ranger exchanges through twinning arrangements
  • Allows you to nominate colleagues for the IRF, TTGLF and other awards
  • Offers the opportunity to attend the triennial IRF World Ranger Congress and regular regional events
  • Encourages celebration of World Ranger Day annually with colleagues across the globe