Membership Applications and Dues

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The International Ranger Federation (IRF) membership is made up of:

 Full Member

For existing, formal Ranger Associations

Any national, state, provincial, territorial, community or area Ranger Association that is formally / legally constituted and registered as a body corporate in accordance with local in-country requirements. Annual dues of USD200. May be waived by the Board.

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 Provisional Member

For Ranger Associations that are currently being formed

An individual ranger or group of rangers from a nation, state, province, territory, community or area where there is no established Ranger Association. No annual dues.

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 Associate Member

For organisations that are directly involved in conservation

Any individual, group or organisation that supports the aims of the IRF or Protected Areas; only available to groups, organisations or individuals with a direct relationship to rangers or Protected Areas. Annual dues of USD50 annually for groups/organisations and USD20 for individuals. May be waived by the Board.

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 Supporting Member

For organisations / businesses that wish to support the work of the IRF on an annual basis

Businesses of any kind and groups / organisations or individuals supporting the aims of the IRF, but not directly related to rangers or Protected Areas. Annual dues of USD100 for businesses, USD50 for groups/organisations and USD 20 for individuals

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 Benefactor Member

For organisations / businesses that wish to support the IRF with a one-off donation

Businesses, groups, or individuals who meet the criteria for Supporting Member and who make a general, one-off donation to the IRF of at least USD5,000. No subsequent annual dues.

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 Honorary Member

Offered only by the IRF Board to any individual, group or organisation that has made a significant contribution to the IRF, to any Full Member of the IRF or in the field of conservation. No annual dues.

Membership Dues

IRF members must pay dues annually. 

If you are a current member, please use the PayPal box below that to make your payment, please reference the name of your Association etc that is making the payment.

You may also pay by bank transfer; details are:

Bank Name BMO
Bank Branch Auburn
Bank Street Address13422 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603, USA
Bank Account Number0079536173 (some banks may require 9 digits, use 079536173)
Bank ABA071025661
Account NameInternational Ranger Federation
Street Address218 Mulberry Lane, Auburn, CA 95603, USA
The International Ranger Federation (IRF) is incorporated in the United States (California incorporation #575182) as a nonprofit, public benefit, charitable, and tax-exempt (U.S Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501(c)(3)) organisation, U.S. Tax ID Number 93-1900925.

Select your membership type from the drop down menu, and then select the payment option below.

For any questions or if you require assistance, please contact the Executive Officer at [email protected].