Principles for Safeguarding the Rights and Well-being of Rangers – The principles provide a framework for and connect existing efforts to improve the working environment and conditions for rangers, while also filling identified gaps to ensure that rangers are (and feel) safe and supported. The principles contribute towards the aim to establish a motivated ranger workforce that applies a human-rights based approach to their work, based on trusted relationships with vulnerable individuals and groups they come into contact with. 

Guidance and Tools – The present document serves as an accompanying guidebook to help users (ranger employers, ranger associations and conservation organisations that support rangers) for the implementation of the above principles. It provides suggestions for activities to help implement the Principles in a way that helps employers and organisations apply a human rights-based approach in the ranger workforce. The checklist/planning tool in Annex 1 can help users prioritise activities for implementation for the short, medium or long-term, according to their relevance in different contexts. Resulting procedures and decisions can then be integrated into a Safeguarding Policy for Rangers.