Sigurður Óskar Jónsson

Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

What are your main duties?

Icelandic park rangers do pretty much everything that needs to be done. My work has been very different at times, depending on time of year and the area I’m working in as a ranger. When I was working in Skaftafell (In southern Vatnajökull National Park) a lot of my time went into supervising and servicing the campsite. Technically speaking it’s not really ranger duty but one gets to meet the visitors, which is important.

In the winter my time was usually spent on working in sales and information. During winter, you’re also an important safety feature since travelling around Iceland in winter can be dangerous and people aren’t usually prepared for it. That’s something that winter rangers are very important for; to protect visitors from the nature. But most of the time I’m … Read More »