the official body representing rangers around the world


IRF Membership

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) is a non-profit organisation established to raise awareness of and support the critical work that Rangers do in conserving the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

By joining the IRF, you and your association will become part of the world family of Rangers; a worldwide network of front-line conservation staff for sharing knowledge, ideas, experiences and resources, for providing mutual support and for representing the voice of the Ranger in the conservation debate.

There are three types of membership as follows:

1. Regular membership: This is open to all national, state or territorial Ranger associations whose members are involved in the management of the world’s protected areas. Individual Rangers become members of the IRF through their association.
2. Provisional membership: In countries where no Ranger association currently exists, an individual Ranger, or group of Rangers, may join until they have established an association.
3. Associate membership: Any group or organisation that supports Rangers or protected areas and/or is involved in the conservation industry may join as an associate member.

What are the benefits of being an IRF member?

Being a member allows associations/organisations and Rangers to utilise the international Ranger and conservation network of the IRF. The benefits of being an IRF member are as follows:

1. To associations/organisations:

  • Gives the association/organisation access to member associations and/or organisations around the world.
  • Allows them to connect with IRF partner organisations like The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – World Commission on Protected Areas (IUCN-WCPA).
  • Provides opportunities, for their members, for skill and knowledge exchanges through the IRF Twinning Program.
  • Allows their members to nominate colleagues for the IRF/TTGLF Awards.
  • Gives its members the opportunity to attend the World Ranger Congress.
  • Being involved in global World Ranger Day celebrations.

2. To Rangers:

  • Boosts morale knowing that they are a part of a worldwide family of Rangers.
  • Gives them access to a worldwide network of Rangers.
  • Provides opportunities for Ranger exchanges through the IRF Twinning Program.
  • Allows Rangers to nominate colleagues for the IRF/TTGLF Awards.
  • Having the opportunity to attend the World Ranger Congress.
  • Celebrating World Ranger Day with colleagues.