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2012 IRF President’s Award – Osvaldo Barassi Gajardo

Posted on December 10th in IRF, South America.

Osvaldo Barassi Gajardo, a ranger with roots in Chile and now advocating for rangers in Brazil, was awarded the President’s Award at 7th World Ranger Congress in November 2012.

“Osvaldo has been an outstanding contributor to IRF over the past 3 years,” said President Deanne Adams at the award ceremony. “His passion for rangers and conservation shows in all the actions he takes for IRF. He fully understands the value of IRF to conservation and is a strong advocate for rangers and for IRF.”

In particular Osvaldo was given the President’s Award for:

  • Leading the Spanish Translation Team as they translated for IRF:
    • Guardaparque newsletter published every 2 months – English and Spanish versions (6 issues a year)
    • Thin Green Line newsletter published every 3 months – English and Spanish versions (4 issues a year)
    • IRF website and Facebook
    • IRF internal correspondence to the IEC and to IRF Members
    • IRF external correspondence
  • Establishing a website and Facebook for Spanish speaking rangers
  • Providing the primary actions that lead to the establishment of a new ranger association in Brazil – that association joined IRF during the Congress
  • Being the IRF representative in our partnership with ACT Brazil (ECAM) to improve the recognition of the profession of park guards in Brazil and to expand training to those park guards.
  • Support of the 7th World Ranger Congress including translations of materials (“Osvaldo is a star,” said Congress co-chair Krissie Clark.)

“Osvaldo has so much energy and is always positive with the big smile,” said President Adams at the end of the ceremony.  “If you need something done, ask Osvaldo and it is accomplished.”

2012 International Young Conservationist Award recipient announced

Posted on September 6th in South America, YCA.

Elisângela Sales Dos Santos, a twenty-seven year old from Brazil, was last night awarded the 2012 IRF – IUCN/WCPA International Young Conservationist of the Year Award.

The award was presented in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the training of indigenous park guards in the Brazilian Amazon, and for the work she has done to improve the recognition of the profession of park guards in Brazil.

It was officially presented at the WCPA meeting held during the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

The award was sponsored by Parks Victoria and the George Wright Society.

More information here.