Association of protected area professionals

What We Do

Park rangers, their ranger associations, and the IRF ensure the world’s terrestrial and marine parks, and the flora and fauna that live in them, are protected from vandalism, poaching, theft, exploitation or destruction.

As guardians of our natural and cultural resources, rangers are first on the scene of illegal or unsustainable exploitation of these resources, often at great personal risk.

Regional conflict, civil war and political unrest also greatly impact protected areas and the rangers that manage them.

Our rangers require special support structures, training and equipment to carryout their jobs.

IRF provides training, capacity building and exchange programs to its members in order to ensure park rangers are well trained and properly equipped to manage the world’s most precious wildernesses.

The IRF also advocates for good governance and the enactment of enforceable laws that protect rangers from assaults while performing their duties.

The IRF is the voice of park rangers, in the international community, in calling for greater support for rangers in carrying out their vital role in the protection of our parks.

What We Do