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Rangers Without Borders

Rangers without Borders is to be a field-based program that promotes and facilitates the provision of on-ground support to rangers by rangers.

The program will include supporting rangers in developing countries to participate in existing programs, run by NGOs and aid agencies, and place ranges alongside local counterparts.

The Rangers without Borders program will also promote and enhance the existing activities of IRF member associations that involve ‘rangers helping rangers’.

The program will also establish a process for putting volunteers and host organisations, from anywhere in the world, in touch with each other.

The IRF’s Rangers without Borders program is in the early stages of development.

Further details about how to get involved will be coming soon.

Mentoring, Coaching, and Exchange

Note from Andrew Nixon:

I am managing a project on behalf of the IRF Executive – Mentoring, Coaching and Exchange for Protected Area Professionals (MC&Ex) I wanted to let you know of this, particularly as it was introduced at the World Ranger Congress (see congress summation).  At Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge Wayne Lotter, together with Moses Wafula Mapesa presented the session ‘Global Partnerships for the Professionalising of Protected Area Management’.  This is a project that can and will have direct value to IRF members and the world ranger community.

So, you may be interested?

The project is part of an IUCN – WCPA initiative over the next 3 years. Under the program banner of the Global Partnerships for the Professionalising of Protected Area Management, IRF is delivering the MC&Ex project, one of four, for the Education and Learning Work Group chaired by WCPA member Eduard Muller.

At last year’s World Conservation Congress in Jeju Korea, three months prior to the World Ranger Congress, the IRF had made a commitment to take a lead in this particular aspect of the program. We were able to outline the project and our commitment at Wayne and Moses’ presentation. The ‘Rangers without Borders’ project (Jay Wells and Elaine Thomas) also has a strong connection to this new IRF action.

To make this happen I would be interested to hear from any member association persons who may like to play a small part. In this early stage, the next few months, I will be working on scoping the project. It is intended to introduce each of the four Education & Learning Work Group projects at next year’s World Parks Congress, Sydney Australia. You may like to have a look at the WCPA-IUCN webpage.  If you would like to connect with me and other IRF colleagues on this project let me know via email.

I look forward to hearing from some keen rangers!

Andrew Nixon
Victorian Rangers Association, Australia
[email protected]

Rangers Without Borders