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Our Team

The International Ranger Federation is governed by an elected International Executive Committee (IEC).

Anyone from an IRF member association is eligible to stand for a position on the IEC, and committee members are elected every three years at the World Ranger Congress.  All past presidents of the IRF serve on the IEC.

The IEC meets during the last week of January, April, July and September each year. If you have an item for Committee consideration, please forward it to the Secretary by the last week of the previous month.

International Executive Committee

International Officers
President:  Sean Willmore (The Thin Green Line Foundation (TGLF) – Australia)
Vice President:  Florin Halastauan (Romanian Rangers Association (RRA) – Romania)
Secretary:  Jewel Johnson (Park Rangers Association of California (PRAC) – United States)
Treasurer:  Meg Weesner (Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR) – United States)

Regional Representatives
Africa:  Chris Galliers (Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) – South Africa)
Rohit Singh (Ranger Federation of Asia – Cambodia)
Central America: 
Leonel Delgado (Área de Conservación Pacífico Central (ACOPAC) – Costa Rica)
Frank Gruetz (German Ranger Association – Germany)
North America:  Bill Westerfield (Park Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) – United States)
Oceania:  Pete Cleary (Victorian Rangers Association (VRA) – Australia)
South America: 
João Jose Corrēa de Silva (Brazilian Ranger Association (ABG) – Brazil)


Photo of 2012-15 IEC
Back (L–R) :  Sean Willmore, Peter Cleary, Wayne Lotter, Yong-Seok Shin, Cesar Augusto Flores Lopez
Front (L–R):  Florin Halastauan, Meg Weesner, Chris Galliers, Jeff Ohlfs, Tegan Burton

Past Presidents
Deanne Adams
Gordon Miller
Rick Smith
David Zeller

The Committee is supported by a number of working groups/sub-committees, including

• Rangers without Borders
• Young Conservationist Award
• Website
• World Ranger Congress Organising and Steering Committee
• Marketing and communications

The IRF welcomes member involvement in the running of the federation. If you are interested in getting involved, please see Get Involved.

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