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Ranger Toolkit

The Ranger Toolkit is a collection of documents and links to websites of relevance to rangers and the work that they do. If you have a tool that you think other rangers would find useful email the IRF Web Team and we will consider adding it to the toolkit.

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Featured resources

izena Categories Type of item
Anti-Poaching Training Guidelines , , , , , Download Document
Anti-poaching Training Guidelines (French version) / Directives anti-braconnage , , , , , Download Document
Cybertracker Web orria ikusi
FIG Estatutos Download Document
FIG Normas Vigentes Download Document
Flukerposts , Web orria ikusi
Global Invasive Species Database Web orria ikusi
IRF Standing Rules Download Document
IRF Statutes Download Document
IUCN Guidelines on Planning and Managing Mountain Protected Areas , Web orria ikusi
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species , Web orria ikusi
IUCN | International Union for Conservation of Nature , , , , Web orria ikusi
Managing Marine Protected Areas , Web orria ikusi
Notes on how to set up a ranger association
Pan Parks , , Web orria ikusi
PARKS , , , Web orria ikusi
ProtectedPlanet , , , Web orria ikusi
Royal Geographic Society , , Web orria ikusi
TerraLook , Web orria ikusi
The Thin Green Line Fundazioa , , Web orria ikusi
UNESCO World Heritage Sites , , Web orria ikusi
World Database on Protected Areas , , Web orria ikusi
World Register of Field Centres , Web orria ikusi